Tires are arguably one of the most important safety features on a vehicle. More than any other electronic safety feature, tires are what help prevent more accidents. Utilizing the appropriate tires for each season helps you stop when you need to stop, and remain in control of your vehicle. While they sometimes come with a scary price tag, remember that they are an investment that lasts a few seasons. It’s not every year you need to invest in another set.

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Winter Tires

Winter tires should be put on your vehicle once temperatures reach 7 degrees celcius.

Why 7 Degrees?

7 degrees is an important temperature for all season tires because of the way that the rubber compound reacts. Above 7 degrees the tires are flexible allowing the tires to better grip the road in all weather conditions. This allows shorter stopping distances, giving you safer, greater control over your vehicle.

Once temperatures drop below 7 degrees, all season tires begin to lose their grip. And below -10 are useless since they become too hard to properly grip. Summer tires are even worse becoming as hard as hockey pucks once those winter temperatures start to come creating a very dangerous situation for you driving.

On the other side, Winter tires star losing their grip as temperatures start to climb, so making sure your winter tires are removed before temperatures are consistently over 7 degrees is also important.

When should you change your winter tires?

The best time to change out your tires is when the temperature dictates it. The correct time to change out your winter tires is when the temperatures drop below 7 degrees.

Is it okay to use winter tires in the summer?

It is not recommended to use winter tires in the summer. The reason being that you will wear out your tires a lot faster on that hot dry.