William Mancini

I wanted to commend the team at Autoline Toyota for a great car purchasing experience. I recently purchased my first Toyota there under a bit of a time crunch because my previous vehicle was written off as the result of an accident. I dealt with Rachel (Sales), Kyla (Finance) and Brittany (Delivery). I cannot say enough good things about each of them. Each individual was attentive and professional. I appreciate the fact that Rachel took the time to explain my options, worked on all of the details involved with the sale, urged me to test drive all the vehicles I was considering and did this without being overbearing and within a tight time window due to my circumstance. She even test drove vehicles with me on her day off. Kyla was kind enough to handle all the work associated with financing through Toyota Financial Services in a manner where I spent a minimal amount of time on documentation but still felt as though I had all the information I needed. On the day I picked up my car, Brittany assisted me with a hands on demonstration of all my new vehicle’s capabilities. This demonstration never felt rushed and she gave me some interesting insights into the operation of my new car. In my interactions with each of these individuals, I never felt pressured and always felt as though everyone was forthright while being pleasant. I think all three individuals did a great job. By the way, I love the car I purchased there as well.