Now Offering Ceramic Coating Packages

In order to ensure that the package you are interested in is the perfect fit for you, we request a brief inspection of your vehicle before booking. Call Us Today (905) 356-1505

Package 1: ECO Ceramic 9H

Experience the Ultimate in Vehicle Protection with Our Ceramic Coating Package. 

Achieve a pristine finish with our meticulously hand-washing process, followed by a comprehensive ceramic coating application to your vehicle. 

Prioritizing your vehicle’s needs, we provide a complimentary inspection to determine if this package fits you.

Price: $299.99+tax


Package 2: ECO Ceramic 9H with Polish

Introducing our Package 2 of Ceramic Coating: Get ready for a truly exceptional car care experience. Our comprehensive package includes meticulous hand washing, a flawless full vehicle polish, and a thorough application of ceramic coating. Before proceeding, rest assured that we carefully inspect your vehicle to determine if this package is the perfect fit for your needs.

Price: $599.95+tax


Package 3: New Car Pro Ceramic Coating with Graphene (5 Year)

Upgrade your vehicle’s protection with our Pro Ceramic Coating with Graphene package! Experience the ultimate gloss and durability for your car. This exclusive package includes thorough hand washing, flawless vehicle polish, and meticulous coating application. Prior to booking, we kindly request an inspection of your vehicle to guarantee the perfect fit for this exceptional package. Trust us to enhance your car with superior quality and performance.

Pro Ceramic with Graphene benefits.

  • Hydrophobic benefits for a cleaner daily shine 
  • Leaves a deep luster and smudge free surface
  • Resistant to staining, humidity and oils
  • Preserves the smooth surface and shine of your vehicle
  • Adds shine to painted surfaces and restores the original color and look to plastic, chrome, black rubber and plastic moldings 
  • Provides deep colour transition with high gloss, UV protection and high hydrophobic qualities 
  • Fast and easy to maintain with reduced washing and cleaning
  • Protects against UV rays, pollution, contaminants, and insect damage
  • Revolutionary flexible binders allow for application to vinyl-wrapped vehicles, signs, and decals and can be applied to matte vinyl finishes without adding gloss.

Price $999.99+tax