This month we are going to focus on the Battery in your vehicle for our Autoline Toyota Tip of the Month. These tips come all the way from our lovely Service Department.

Why is the battery in your vehicle so important? Well other than providing the power your vehicle needs to start your vehicle in any weather, which is pretty important, it also has another important job. The battery also stores power for your vehicles electrical components. This includes lights, computers… your stereo!

If your battery isn’t in great condition, you aren’t going to get very far.

Did you know?

One thing you may not know is that it’s not the extreme cold that most people assume does the most damage to the battery. Believe it or not, it’s the extreme heat that deteriorates the battery power and battery itsself. And this shortens the battery life. All those wonderfully hot summer days we have come to love aren’t your battery’s best friend. It’s alot more damaging than the freezing cold winter days.

What can you do about it?

Getting regular battery checks is key to ensuring the health of your vehicles battery is still good. The Toyota Premium Batteries are maintenance free. They are sealed units that do not require regular servicing, but getting them checked while the rest of your vehicle is being serviced is always a great idea.

Your battery will last for years, but one way aside from the checks at your regularly scheduled maintenance checks you can tell is if suddenly your car is a little sluggish starting. Additionally, if your headlights are looking a little dim,it may not be your bulbs, but your battery causing the problem.

Getting your battery checked only takes a few short minutes! And best of all it’s included in all our regular service packages. Another benefit to making a date with us every 8,000km. Let us help you have a worry free winter! Or any season for that matter!


Toyota is thrilled to offer you one of the best warranties in the industry on batteries. We offer a 24 month replacement, including installation and towing. And pro-rated coverage up to 84 months. That shows how much trust we place in our batteries.

What if I don’t own a Toyota?

Our service department doesn’t JUST service Toyota’s. The Autoline Toyota Service Centre services ALL makes and ALL models of vehicles. Some other makes/models accept Toyota batteries, and if it doesn’t, our skilled parts department can get the proper battery for your vehicle. Leave the worry to us!


If you have any questions or concerns about batteries, or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us at 905-356-1505 or visit our Service Department.

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