The Toyota Tundra was designed with you in mind giving you the reliability, safety, and technology you have come to expect from a Toyota vehicle. Not only does it look gorgeous, but our Tundra trucks come with up to 10,000lbs (4,535kg) towing capacity ensuring that it’ll get the job done.

Toyota prides itself on producing meticulously designed vehicles that are high quality, and built to last. With options to suit whatever your truck needs are, we are guaranteed to have the model for you. With premium option including our Crewmax Limited, Platinum model and bold models, as well as a variety of both interior and exterior models, you can ride in whatever style and comfort you are looking for.

The Tundra comes in 4×2 and 4×4 models. The 4×2 comes as a Double Cab SR5 Plus long bed. The 4×4 comes as a Double Cab SR standard bed, Souble Cab SR5 Plus in long and short bed options, Double Cab Limited standard bed, Crewmax SR5 Plis short bed, Crewmax Limited Short bed and Crewmax Platinum short bed. With premium packages to add on, there is a Tundra option for everyone!

Each new Toyota Tundra comes with ECP & Warranty & Coverage, and starts at only $39,990*

So wether you want or need a truck, whether you need it for a job, for your family, or just because you love trucks, the Tundra is bound to impress and be the perfect vehicle.

If you’d like to test drive one, or would just like more information, please don’t hesitate to come visit us, or contact our wonderful sales team at 905-356-1505.

*Not including freight, PDI, AC Charge, license, insurance, registration, taxes, levies, and fees. Dealers may charge less, or may change or add fees. Please contact the dealership for exact pricing.

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