Toyota values keeping the occupants and drivers of our vehicles as safe as we can. Toyota is always a front runner in creating safety systems that aid drivers in safety. The Toyota Star Safety System will help give you peace of mind.

The Toyota Star Safety System (TSSS) includes ABS, BA, EBD, VSC, TRAC and Smart Stop Technology.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

ABS helps keep you safe by stopping the bakes from locking up when a driver hits the brakes hard. The brakes will “pulse” brake pressure to each wheel. This helps prevent lock up and helps the driver stay in control. This is especially important in emergency braking situations. And it will help prevent skids as well.

Brake Assist (BA)

Brake Assist is designed to notice panic breaking (sudden braking) and add the full pressure needed to help stop a collision. It’s designed to help with those split second braking situations (ie something rolls onto the road). It helps the driver stop the vehicle in time in hopes of preventing a collision.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

EBD Works with the ABS system in the vehicle to help keep the vehicle more stable and balanced while braking. If the driver needs to stop abruptly, momentum will cause the vehicle to tilt forward. This reduces the brake-force effectiveness of the rear tires. EBD works by redistributing brake force allowing for smoother and more stable, balanced braking. It helps prevent brake lockup and is especially helpful when there is a heavy cargo load.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

VSC helps to prevent wheel slop and loss of traction by reducing engine power. It also apply’s brake force to the wheels that need it. This helps you maintain control under adverse driving conditions. And is especially helpful when turning sharp corners.

Traction Control (TRAC)

TRAC helps keep traction on wet, icy, lose or uneven surfaces by applying the brake force to the spinning wheels. For example, in show when a wheel is spinning and looses grip, the sensors notice. TRAC will then limit the engine output and apply the brakes to the spinning wheel. The power is transferred to the wheels that still have traction to help keep you safe.

Smart Stop Technology

Smart Stop will automatically cut the engine power and allows the brakes to take precedence over the accelerator when both pedals are pressed at the same time. The system kicks on when the accelerator is pressed first and then the brakes applied firmly longer than 0.5 seconds. The vehicle also must be travelling at speeds greater than 8km/h. It also helps combat “hill start”, which is when your vehicle rolls backward when on an incline hill.

These systems combined with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) System help us give you as much peace of mind as we can while you are driving your Toyota vehicle.

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